8 Color 8 Station Manual Screen Printing Press, with Micro Registration

Precision Engineered 8 Color 8 Station Screen Printing Machine Press, with micro – registration adjustments which Enhance the quality of Silk Screen Printing.
Highly – affordable entry – level screen printing press, this screen printing equipment provides faster setup, improved quality, increased productivity, and enhanced profitability.
This screen printer is available in 8 colors, it has a maximum image area of 450mm x 550mm (17.7in x 21.7in), and can accept screen frames up to 600mm x 700mm (23.6in x 27.6in).
This 8 Color 8 Station Screen Printer is ideal for growing and high – volume shops and those producing sophisticated designs.

8 Color 8 Station Manual Screen Printing Machine Press Main Configuration:
* Muti – functions for different object
* Stainless steel bolts increase using life
* Heavy weight to keep the frame steady
* Uniform double clamps system to keep the frame steady
* With double self-stopper system
* With adjustable and high temperature resistance stations
* With mirco – registration system on left – right / front – back angles on horizontal and vertical, which makes the operation much easier and a more accurate printing position.
* Self – reset / Automatic reset
* Spring is bigger than other types, has more longer using life
* Aluminum pallet
* Strong base with caster to move freely
* Factory pre – set feature allows simultaneous screen printing at all stations
* Simplifies screen printing lined jackets, reversible/double layer mesh-type jerseys, and other multi – layer garments.
* Heavy – duty side clamps are fully adjustable, simplify roller frame use, and accommodate a wide range of screen sizes.
* Hinged arm assembly expands color capacity without expanding screen printing press footprint.
* 10 year warranty
* Precision machined cast aluminum print heads and print wheel combined with tapered roller bearings make high production manual printing effortless.
* Strong arm tension springs, high quality bearings and all metal mechanism make this Screen Printing Machine having outstanding quality and enjoying good reputation from our customers.

8 Color 8 Station Manual Screen Printing Machine Press Details:
If you’re going to be printing t-shirts regularly, you’re definitely going to want to invest in a press. Screen Printing presses will ensure all your screen prints fall in the same place on the shirt, and are absolutely necessary for doing multi – color prints.
Screen printing presses are distinguished by their amounts of “colors” and “stations”. For example, a 6 color 6 station press can print up to 6 colors (holds 6 screens), and can have 6 shirts loaded on it at a time. The higher the number of stations, the faster your production rate.

8 Color 8 Station Manual Screen Printing Machine Press Applications:

Widely suitable for screen printing t-shirts, garments, towel, leather, umbrella, clothes and backpack, etc.
It suitable for printing with heating set ink, rubber cement and other printing inks.
This manual screen printing press makes is used for “shop”, school, colleges and universities personalized use, a perfect fit for entry level customer, who is looking for an affordable and professional screen printer for their t shirt printing projects. Change different screen printing pallet, you can use this screen printing press to DIY, such as:
A. Custom logo or personalized graphics on T shirt

B. T shirt tagless labal screen printing

C. Screen printing your logo on sleeve of T shirt 

D. Signs and decals screen printing 

E. Screen printing on napkins

F. Screen printing on frisbee 

G. Screen printing on bag 

H. Screen printing on leather

I. Screen printing on short

J. Screen printing on glove

K. Screen printing on sock

L. Screen printing on cap



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