MK-F662E floor type 6 color 6 station double wheel screen printing machine


It is mainly used for overprinting of six colors, it is equipped with six screen frame chucks and six pallet stations.

Both the tray section and the screen frame section can be rotated 360 degrees independently; so the user can operate from any position.

If you have a dryer on the workstation to quickly dry the surface, you can effectively increase the printing speed.

This machine manually moves the screen frame to match the color. The position of all the frames is correct for any one tray. The other tray will be correct, then the user can start overprinting without correcting the position of the color one by one.

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Product Code MK-070006
Product Name MK-F662E floor type six color six station double wheel screen printing machine
HS code 8443192290
Product Color blue
Printing Area 22*18in
Machine using material steel plate
Machine Welding Technology Welding mainly
Machine surface treatment Electrostatic spraying
Important components Aluminum profile
Attachment material Stainless steel or zinc plating, nickel plating
Packing quantity 1
Net weight 344lb
Gross weight 432lb
Packing size 43.3*33.8*25.2in      
Packing volume 0.61m³
Packing material Export wooden box

MK-F662E Floor type micro-adjust six color six station double wheel overprinting screen printing machine

The main features and functions of this machine:

1.The frame chuck part and the platen part can be rotated 360 degrees freely; the operator can operate in any position or any platen station.

2. The operator can perform all the corrective benchmarking of all the screens at any platen station. AlI the screen corrections need only one platen to be accurate,and the other plates can reach the standard and can be printed accurately without having to A platen corrects the benchmark.
3. Each frame fixing device is equipped with two knobs that can adjust the front, back, left and right of the screen to make the color registration easier,faster and more accurate.

Two handles are arranged behind the frame clamp, and the two handle knobs are slightly loosened before the screen is set to the standard, and the front, back, left and right adjustments can be made to the screen, after the color of the standard is over,Tighten the two knobs.

4. Each frame fixing device is equipped with a precise positioning card wheel,and the positioning card iron on the frame arm is placed close to the positioning card wheel. Ensure that the printing is accurate without deviation.
5. Each frame fixing device is equipped with a large card wheel. The frame arm can easily fall into the metal positioning card wheel after touching the large wheel between the two card positions. It also prevents the positioning card iron from directly colliding with the metal positioning card wheel.

6. Each frame fixing device is equipped with a clamp height positioning adjustable knob for adjusting the height of the chuck after it is lowered.

7.Each frame fixing device is equipped with a frame lifting height adjustable knob.It is used to adjust the height of the frame after lifting .

8.The silk screen frame clamp can adjust the spring tension by screws according to the weight of the frame to achieve the most suitable balance pull-out tension.

9.The frame clamp width is 26 (10in) cm; suitable for various frames within the frame outer diameter of 60 (23in) cm and the frame thickness of 5 (2in) cm.

10.The chuck can be adjusted upwards by 3 cm depending on the height of the substrate.

11.Under all the frame clamp knobs, the aluminum alloy pressure plate is used to fix the frame, so that the pressure plate and the frame are closely attached, which is more stable and ensures that the fixed frame is more uniform and does not shift.

12.The platen can be moved back and forth through the bottom connector.

13.The hex support rods with adjustable reinforcement are installed on the lower part of each platen. The user can rotate the hex support rods to strengthen the stability of the platen and adjust the parallelism to ensure the platen is more

14.The T-shirt type platen of this machine is 55 cm (22 in) long,45 cm (18 in) wide and 1.8 cm (0.7 in) thick. It is made of melamine
high-density furniture board with a fine surface.

15.This machine is equipped with support wheel and moving roller. By adjusting the screw of the support wheel, the level of the whole machine can be adjusted and the whole machine can be adjusted in height within 7CM; when the screw of the support wheel is adjusted to the top When the whole machine is supported by the moving roller, the whole machine can be easily moved.

16. The whole machine adopts advanced electrostatic spraying technology.
Various parts are made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, nickel plating and galvanizing process. It is corrosion-resistant, does not fade, is easy to clean,maintains the original color and smoothness for a long time, and does not rust for a long time.
17. This machine is a split combination structure, the package volume is smaller,more suitable for transportation; the complete set of tools installed in the package is installed; the whole machine can be completely installed without additional tools; equipped with installation diagram, various components are installed The
location is clear at a glance.

MK-F662E Six Color Six Station Screen Printing Machine

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